Guidelines for Demonstration Proposals

Live demonstrations of the very latest object-oriented technology are an exciting part of every ECOOP conference, offering an excellent occasion for discussing technical aspects of object-oriented applications, tools and systems.
These demonstrations are given by technical members of their implementation team. Presentations are in the form of running computer programs.

Proposals are solicited for both commercial and in-house systems, as well as academic and corporate research. Demonstrations will be selected on the basis of technical merit, novelty and relevance to object-oriented technology. Product marketing or sales presentations are inappropriate for this forum and will be strictly forbidden.

Proposals for Demonstrations should be sent by e-mail in HTML or PostScript format and should include :

ECOOP 2001 does not provide any equipment (PCs, workstations) for demonstrations. However we'll try to serve you with projection facilities. For this purpose we ask you to specify exactly which equipment you will use for your demonstration.

The demonstrations are 45 minutes long, and all demonstrations will be scheduled twice.

For additional questions or clarification, or for your suggestions, please feel free to contact the Demonstration Chair.