Guidelines for Panel Discussion Proposals

Panel proposals addressing important and timely topics in object orientation are invited for the conference.

The ECOOP will maintain its tradition as a single-track conference, where any panel sessions are positioned in the conference program just as regular paper sessions and invited talks. ECOOP participants are usually quite experienced in one or more areas of object-orientation. Therefore, very broad and general panel subjects are not likely to be successful, unless they may result in new syntheses of ideas. In contrast, even highly focussed topics can be appropriate.

A good panel session can be the highlight of the official conference program for many attendees. It should present interesting views with solid practical and/or theoretical backing. An eclectic variety of relevant views should be represented.

In the past, ECOOP panel sessions have had a moderator and three to five panelists. The time allocated to a panel has typically been 90 minutes, i.e., the same as to a regular paper session with three papers. However, this format is not an absolute standard. These prepared presentations should be short (no longer than 10 minutes each), to allow substantial discussion with the audience. In principle, the moderator's introduction and the position papers of the panelists will be published in the Conference Proceedings.

What should a proposal look like?

A complete proposal should contain the following items:

If you plan to write a complete panel proposal, you are welcome to discuss your ideas with the panel board at an earlier stage.

For additional questions or clarification, or for your suggestions, please feel free to contact the Panel Chair.