Guidelines for Poster Proposals

ECOOP includes a poster exhibition, addressing object oriented technology and theory.

This should present a good oportunity for authors to express new ideas and work-in-progress in the discussions with the attendees.

What should a proposal look like?

A proposal should be sent by mail as a HTML file and should contain the following items: This information will be included in the ECOOP 2001 pages after the notification of acceptance. As in previous years there are plans for the edition of a post conference reader that will include a chapter dedicated to posters.

Posters will be selected based on quality and relevance, subject to available space. The athors will be informed of the dimensions of the available exposition space. The board holding your poster has the size of 2m * 1m (probably).

We plan to organize an overview event in the university campus, where presenters of posters can outline in 5 minutes about their projects.

Posters will be on display during the entire conference.

For additional questions or clarification, or for your suggestions, please feel free to contact the Poster Chair.