7th ECOOP Workshop on Mobile Object Systems:
Development of Robust and High Confidence Agent Applications

June 18, Budapest, Hungary.

Call for Papers

The ECOOP Workshop on Mobile Object Systems is now in its 7th Year. The aim of the workshop series has been to bring together mobile object system and language designers, and generally people interested in discussing the current state and future direction of research in the mobile object system context. The workshop is a forum to learn about the latest research, and also to discuss and exchange ideas concerning ongoing theoretical and implementation work.

This year's workshop has two emphases. Firstly, it seeks experience reports, as well as papers on design and development techniques for mobile object applications. Application of the recent research results in the development of real systems is crucial for the future of mobile computing. Secondly, it brings together a group of active researchers working on security and fault tolerance to develop an understanding of the important research problems and recent results in these areas. In particular, it is felt that it should be beneficial to examine fault tolerance and security issues together as secure agents systems can be used for building fault tolerant systems and at the same time general fault tolerance mechanisms can be applied for providing security.

Our primary aim is to foster discussion between researchers and practitioners working in these areas. We are particularly interested in papers that challenge existing ideas and techniques in the mobile object field. Topics include, but are not restricted to:

Submission of papers

The workshop will be held on June 18 2001, in conjunction with the ECOOP 2001 conference taking place in Budapest, Hungary.

Both full papers (maximum 15 pages) and position papers (2 pages) are welcome. Authors wishing to submit a paper should send the paper in postscript form to the e-mail address ecoopws@cui.unige.ch by March 15, 2001.

Each accepted paper will be presented by one of the authors. Each speaker will be asked to discuss possible links with other talks: we will be sending abstracts/handouts of all talks to all attendees in advance.

Three sessions will be organized: on experience, security and fault tolerance, each of 90 minutes duration with presentations by 4 speakers. The final session will be of 90 minutes duration where the participants will discuss, debate, and summarize the important observations from the earlier presentations.

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