2nd Workshop on Quality of Service in Distributed Object Systems

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The suitability of the object model for the modeling and implementation of distributed systems has lead to middleware platforms, such as e.g. CORBA, DCOM, Java/RMI, and recently .Net and SOAP. Originally, these middleware systems aim at distribution transparency for application programmers.

However, distributed systems are exposed to system issues, like dynamic performance changes or partial errors, that prevent a complete distribution transparency. Quality of Service (QoS) management addresses these issues. The goal is to add QoS management to the interactions between clients and services.

Support for QoS management in distributed object systems is a hot topic of current research which poses a number of open questions: How is QoS integrated with the object model that emphasizes encapsulation and information hiding? Can one build generic support frameworks for multiple QoS categories, in contrast to specialized, single category systems, such as TAO, Electra, Eternal, DOORS among others. Can QoS be viewed as an aspect in the sense of Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) or are other classifications more appropriate?

Based on nowadays object-oriented middleware platforms component based systems emerge. The necessity for QoS provision upholds for components as well. The integration of QoS specifications in component models as well as the mapping to underlying QoS provision of object systems is a challenge of the near future.

The proposed ECOOP-workshop will discuss the open questions and will summarize the state of the art in the field. It is expected that the workshop will stimulate discussions about how next generation QoS management facilities can be built into object infrastructures. We expect the workshop to attract researchers from several groups which have working prototypes for this infrastructure. Reports on prototype systems are welcome as well as theoretical aspects, modeling techniques, and application scenarios.

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The workshop addresses the state of the art and the future of Quality of Service management in distributed object systems. The objective is to provide presentations and discussions about the influence of QoS provision on the object model. An additional focus is put on component based systems and the influence of QoS provision on the component specification and proper mapping to the underlying distribution infrastructure.

Topics include, but are not restricted to

A one page extended abstract describing your research is required and will be distributed to the other participants. Participants should also be prepared to give a 15 minute presentation on their research.


The success of the last year's workshop confirms our feeling that there is a distinct community interested in the workshop topic. ECOOP had so far only one workshop that addressed the general issues how to extend distributed objects to include Quality of Service issues. These issues are addressed in specific contexts, such as multi-media, real time, and mobile. We fell it is time to synthesis the lessons learned in these specific contexts into general framework.

We expect this workshop to attract researchers who would normally attend Middlewar, IWQOS, or OOPSLA.


Christian Becker
FB Informatik, Verteilte Systeme und Betriebssysteme

John Zinky
BBN Technologies, Part of Verizon